Megan is known for her immersive exhibits and installations in Europe and the United States. She has work extensively in Amsterdam, Berlin, Austin and Los Angeles. Born and raised in central Texas under a rural sky with bovine neighbors, she finds herself in pendulum swings between the worlds of nature and man. Her aesthetic evolution is nurtured by extensive research trips to uncover the archetypes, narratives and quixotic contemplation of facets that awaken the spark of awe.

Curriculum Vitae 

2023 - "The Ascending Feminine"  Billis Williams Gallery, Los Angeles 

2023 - “Attunement Process “  Quarentine, Menorca, Spain

2022 -  "Dieux de la Mer" Private Event , St Barthélemy

2020 - "Dream Forest"  Private Event, Los Angeles

2015 - “Group Exhibit” Abend Gallery, Denver

2015 - "Edge of Realism“ Abend Gallery, Denver

2014 - “Meta Portrait Berlin”  Studios- ID, Berlin, Germany

2013 - “Exhibit , BK41 Studios” Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010 - “Neo Symbolist  Exhibit” Eastern Europe

2007- "Quattro Artisti” Quattro Gallery, Austin 

2005 - “Emerge" Iron Gate Studios, Austin 

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2014   Sub Rosa Atelier

Philosophical Advanced Studies in Contemporary Art 

2005    Texas State University

BFA  Painting and Philosophy 

Independent studies: New York, Miami, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Beirut and Amsterdam

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