Megan  considers painting a journey into the depth of the human experience.  She integrates the concepts of active imagination as defined by Jung into her discovery process and  captures forms based on specific themes both personal and universal. Having a love of travel and a variety of perspectives has encouraged a distinct evolution in imagery throughout her work and is an important ingredient in what fuels her topics. This curiosity  manifests as extended time in foreign places, to find new stories , new facets that awaken the spark of awe.  Deeply interested in the dance of what compels , frightens, delights and forms humanity, in each series of works the question is asked, how can these experiences be elevated and alchemized  in Art?


Curriculum Vitae 

2022 -  Dieux de la Mer, Private Event , St Barthélemy

2020 - Dream Forest , Los Angeles, CA

2018 - Open Studio , Glendale , CA

2015 - Small Work Exhibit , Abend Gallery, Denver , CO

2015 - Edge of Realism , Abend Gallery, Denver , CO

2014 - Meta Portrait Berlin Residency,  Studios- ID, Berlin Germany

2013 - Residency, BK41 Studios, Amsterdam NL

2012 - Studio Viewing, Casa De Luz , Austin TX

2010 - Neo Symbolist  exhibit, Eastern Europe, feat. Tom Besson

2007- Quattro Artisti, Quattro Gallery, Austin TX

2005 - Emerge, Iron Gate Studios, Austin TX

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2009 - 2014

Sub Rosa Atelier
Philosophical Advanced Studies in Contemporary art 

1999 - 2005

Texas State University
BFA focus in Painting and Philosophy 

Independent studies in New York, Miami, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Beirut and Amsterdam

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